Be Outdoors and around a Horse


Recent studies have shown the value of the outdoors, exercise, support, and health care in extending the lives of cancer survivors.


Our Cancer Survivor's Support Group brings each of these elements together in a beautiful, safe, and open environment.


C-Horse Ranch will now be open and available free of charge the last Sunday of each month from 1:00—3:00 pm. to all child cancer survivors and their parents. A doctor’s referral is required to make sure there is no compromised immune system. Benefit from our “Healing Pastures” and 32 farm animals.

  • Enjoy the outdoors while grooming a horse.


  • Gain confidence and courage by being in the presence of horses.


  • Enjoy an environment with horses that read body language instead of words and reflect feelings rather than judgment.


Plant, Grow, and Nurture an Organic Garden
  • Help tend to an organic garden and watch it grow.
  • Learn how to eat healthy. - Web site and Graphic Design, Hosting